Microsoft Excel Dashboard for Reporting & Project Management

1.0 Introduction:

In the face of rapid technological change, your daily routine at the office requires skill in presenting accurate, fast and engaging reports. For those in the position of decision-making, you need to analyse and explore the various possibilities of helping organizations make decisions that increase profitability and reduce costs.


2.0 Objective:

  • Provides interactive reports that are precise and fast in processing data input
  • Facilitate data analysis and What If analysis
  • Easy to help with presentations and reports


3.0 Target Audience:

All positions in helping organizations make decisions such as Senior Executive, Manager and Director. Individuals who want to make interesting and interactive reports such as Finance Executive and Human Resources Executive are also private companies


5.0 Pre-Requisite:

  • Attended Excel Intermediate and Advance Training sessions or is proficient in Microsoft Excel software
  • Has the ability to use and understand basic functions of the keyboard and mouse
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each version of Microsoft Office Excel



6.0 Course Outline:

Day 1

Module 1: Basic Decision Making & Analysis Function

  1. Sum, Average, Max, Min, Rank and Count
  2. IF statement
  • Vlookup, IndexMatch Lookup & Hyperlink
  1. Conditional Formatting

Module 2: Basic Analysis Graph

  1. Column, Bar, Line, Pie and Donut

Module 3: Pivot Table & Charts

  1. Source of Data FAT or Range
    1. Rules to apply Name
    2. Rules to apply FAT
    3. Pro’s and Con’s FAT and Range
  2. Destination
    1. Within same sources file or same workbook different worksheet
    2. Other workbooks
    3. Pro’s and Con’s different workbook
  • Pivot Environment
    1. Ribbon, Show and Filed List Area
    2. Slicer and Timeline
    3. Insert Calculation Field
    4. Drill down and Drill up
    5. Pivot Charts

Module 4: Dashboard

  1. Report Layout & Design
  2. Interactive Charts (Progression and Speedometer)
  3. Basic Dashboard Project
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