Mind Mapping – The Practical Tool to Expand Your Thinking Skill

Think clearly Plan & Organize better ; Learn, & Recall Faster

The 3 hours mind mapping course teaches you how to develop and use mind maps to think more clearly and increase productivity. You’ll learn how to plan task and prepare with clarity. You’ ll learn the fundamentals of mind mapping and why this tool enhances learning, understanding, and memory .
The program covers how our brain and memory works and how to integrate mind mapping into your daily work. It can help you remember other E-learning courses and recall articles, and help prepare and revise for presentations, exams etc

Course Aims
-Quickly organize your thoughts or goals
-More clear in your thinking,
-Think differently – mental approach to issues will be essentially different.
-Enhance your learning
-Specifically beneficial if you want to manage large amounts of information
-Accelerates learning and understanding of new information, and helps with retention and recall.
-Be confident to create your own mind maps and to show others the basic concepts
-Computer with audio and video
-Colored pens and drawing block
-You do not require any special skills to succeed with this course
-You need to be open to try out different ways of doing things
-The basic requirement is a willingness to learn and develop a new skill
-Develop an existing skill if you already experimented with mind mapping
Target audience:
-Complete beginners
-Suitable for those who have previously tried ‘mind mapping’ but found that it did not appear to work for them
-Aimed primarily at professionals in business and suitable for all groups
– What is a Mind Map?
– The Benefits of Mind Mapping
– Mind Map examples
– Mind Mapping Uses
– Demonstration, Learning & Use of Mind Mapping
– Individual mind mapping tasks
– Presentations and discussions
– Identifying Main Ideas
– Case Study on Note taking strategies
– Generating ideas
– Using brainstorming to identify solutions
This course includes
– 1 article
– 1 downloadable resource
Open chat