Understand Yourself to Understand Others – Module 1

-Are you baffled by behavior of the people around you?
-Do your colleagues behave like they are from another planet?
-Do your children drive you crazy from breakfast to bedtime?
-What color personality you belong to ? Understand your personality can help to quickly discover the solutions to your problems.
-This webinar is a fun and fascinating approach to understanding yourself and people around you. It simplifies the most complex personalities by making it less confusing for you to understand.
-What Color Personality are you, will help you identify the different personalities surrounding you that shapes our perceptions and how it affects the way we interact with one another.
-To discover what motivates you.
-How to cope with covid19 stress using your personality strength.
-How to avoid emotional trigger from your shadow personality.
-How to work and communicate effectively with your team members.
-How to pivot your sales on the four color perspectives.
-Zoom (with audio and video)
-Adobe acrobat reader
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