Behavioral Interview Skills

A rapidly changing, highly competitive marketplace demands making judicious, informed decisions about the people you hire—decisions that can impact your organization for years. This effective behavioral interview skills workshop provides a structured, replicable approach to interviewing by developing the skills your people need to interview confidently, gather data that accurately predicts future job performance, and evaluate candidate information to make the best selection decision.

Programme Objectives • Developing essential interview skills  • Improve interview questioning techniques to probe and draw out the potentials in interviewees  • Gather and evaluate data on a candidate’s experience, knowledge, competencies, and determining right job fit  • Making the right hiring decisions with confidence

Who should Attend? Hiring Managers, Human Resource Recruiter, Supervisors, Middle and Senior managers who have key responsibilities to interviews candidates.

Training Methodology Teaching sessions, action-learning activities, videos, group discussions, and role-plays.

Programme Outline

Day 1

Module 1: Interview Introduction

• Interview importance

• Traditional Interview techniques & questions

Module 2: Interviews Concept

• Differentiating different Interview approach

• Determining accuracy of different approaches

Module 3: Behavioural Interview (BI) & Competencies

• Understanding competencies

• Competency approach and performance

Module 4: Developing Essential Interview Knowledge & Skills

• Identify essential skills of great interviewers

• Preparation of behavioral-based interview questions- Part 1
Day 2

Module 5: Behavioral Interview (BI) Technique

• Preparation of behavioral-based interview questions- Part 2

• Utilizing BI technique & Practice

Module 6: Interview practices

• Improve interview questioning techniques to probe

• Learning interview preparation process & interview cycle

• Enhance confidence and professional interviewing skills

Module 7: Behavioral Interview evaluation

• Understanding candidate evaluation process

• Evaluate candidates job fit

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