Building Effective Customer Relationship To Maintain & Retain Customers

Service quality is the key to maintain customer satisfaction.  Excellent customer service has a chain linked effect from the backend support to the front end service personnel – that means within an organisation, customer service quality has to be prime in every support employee, regardless the position of customer service personnel or technical team, to perform well in this customer-centric business environment.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Gain insights into the importance of service quality in customer-centric business environment
  • Develop empowering communication techniques to connect and maintain customer’s expectation ad satisfaction
  • Learn BEN© techniques to build stronger customer service mindset to better your service quality
  • Learn empowering techniques to overcome the thought of “I don’t know how to handle difficult customers” with steps to handle challenging customers

Module 1 :  Fundamentals of Customer Service Relationship

  • Overview on the importance of service quality in the customer-centric business environment
  • What is customer service?
  • Customer may not be always right… but always IMPORTANT!
  • Customers are not only paying for the service but an EXPERIENCE
  • Overview on RATER factors to measure your service level
  • 10 deadly sins of customer service
  • Appearance of qualitative good customer service
  • Sharpening your toolbox : Know your PRODUCTS and SERVICES
    • Including policies, procedures, regulations, validity and warranty

 Module 2 :   Building your customer service mindset

  • I.M (Attitude Improves Mindset) for 5 Star Customer D’Excellence Service Quality
    • What is my role as a customer relation personnel?
  • Understanding and managing your emotions and behaviour
  • Understand the basic needs of people : “my needs first!”
  • Customer is targeting on the matter, not about the service person
  • Powerful customer service mindset : customer needs help, they are not giving problem


Module 3 :  Communication and customer service

  • Dealing with your intrapersonal communication
  • Thinking mind, emotional brain and expressed behaviour
  • Managing fears in handling customers’ complaints
  • Rewriting the thoughts when the going gets tough
  • Building up interpersonal skill
  • Enhancing rapport with internal employees to get assistance for important information
  • Enhancing front end service support with
  • Mehrabian 55-38-7 rules (body language / tonality /choice of words)
  • Listening skills with ears, eyes and heart
  • Enhancing service language
  • Communicating effectively in non-claimable cases

 Module 4  :  Service Recovery

  • Managing customers’ complaints
  • Why customer complains? What if customer doesn’t complain?
  • Treat complaint as a gift – Looking at complaints at a different angle
  • Practical steps to service recovery process
  • Techniques on handling challenging customers and their complaints
  • FIx the customer first (dealing with their emotion), then the problem
  • Handling Verbal complaints
  • Listen, Listen, Listen with active understanding
  • On-site responses technique -Thinking on your feet (when you need to speak without having luxury time to organise thoughts)
  • Patience and get Details, Details, Details
  • Monitoring, follow-up, feedback and closure of the complaints
  • Documentation and review


Training methodology

  • 30% theory facilitation 70% activities-based workshop
  • Applying BEN© techniques
  • Applying games, video watching, brainstorming discussions, role plays and real work experience sharing to gauge and enhance learning
  • Real case studies for practical application of techniques




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