Corporate Grooming & Image for Professionals

An Overview of program

Successful personal branding extends far beyond dressing well and good grooming. It is about identifying the personal ‘X’ factor and substance from within. Packaging is very crucial in today’s business world to enhance the image of professionals, exuding confidence and projecting a positive lasting impression.

This will lead to the building of capable and high productivity level in them in projecting an outlook image that speaks authority, credibility and professionalism. Gaining respect and building trust in business relationships are essential soft skills, which will contribute to a successful image that enhances a professional’s finesse.

The objectives of training:

1.Be able to dress appropriately adhering to professional dress code that aligns to company’s business branding image.
2. Apply the right clothing language to show that they mean business and build a consistent professional image with organization vision and mission.
3. Be confident in using the different business attire to suit every occasion and event in business dealings, able to choose clothing colours according to T.O.P. (Time, Occasion and Place) settings to project authority, approachability and engagement activities.
4. Able to develop a sharp sense of sensibility in business etiquette and protocol management to enhance company’s image.
5. Demonstrate good business and social skills at workplace or networking scene to build rapport and enhance business relationships with other professionals.

Course Outline

MODULE 1 – YOU – The Ambassador of The Organization

  • The A B C’s of Professional Image Branding
  • The Elements of First Impression – 3V’s – Visual, Vocal and Verbal
  • What is image in relation to your role in the company?
  • 10 common image mistakes a professional must avoid
  • Managing First Impression – How to create a positive and lasting impression
  • Dress for Success! Identify your T.O.P.P.S. (Time, Occasion, Place, Purpose, Syariah Compliance)

MODULE 2 – Managing Professional Image Dressing

  • Understand dressing element that says ‘I mean business’
  • Various apparels appropriate in today’s business arena
  • Different levels of dressing business formal, standard and business casual
  • How to mix and match essential pieces to project professionalism
  • Appropriate accessories for different occasions: ties, belt, scarves, jewellery,

MODULE 3 – Business Wardrobe Management

  • The right selection of style personality that builds business relationship
  • Best colours for suit, dress shirt, pants, blouse and skirts for power dress
  • How to mix and match essential pieces to project professionalism
  • The art of illusion dressing to appear slimmer and authoritative
  • Garment care do’s and don’ts

MODULE 4 – Developing Excellent Business Body Language

  • 7 seconds First Impression Maker!
  • Positive and negative body posture, movements and gesture
  • Powerful eye contact, smiles and touch
  • How to utilize the 5 sensorial experience to engage with people
  • Interpersonal space zone for business and social setting

MODULE 5 – Business Meeting Etiquette

  • Deportment, proper posture in walking, sitting and standing
  • Understanding the Essential Components of Business Language!
  • -Greeting – powerful sign of recognition.
    -Proper address and first name.
    -Handling handshakes.
    -Introducing yourself and others.

  • Business card etiquette
  • Meeting, seating arrangement and layout
  • International and Malaysian business protocol


Our approach strives to be highly interactive, with 90% activity-based experiential learning, so that participants grasp new concepts in a fun and safe learning environment. There will be debrief session and insights into the theories and engage participants in active, interactive discussions. Participation and interaction of participants will be the key focus to meet the objectives of this course. Course methods will include exercises, role plays, case studies, and multimedia and image props.


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