Creating Amazing Business Report Using MS Office Application Tools


When presenting ideas that include references to data, it can be helpful to make the point using a graph or table. These visual methods can make the point much stronger than simply describing the data. While they can be powerful methods, they also have the potential to ruin a presentation if they convey the wrong message or they confuse the audience. Appropriate use of graphs and tables is one way to enhance the message you are delivering

Accounting data is often presented in the form of tables of numbers, sometimes simply as a print out from a spreadsheet or reports from an accounting software package. While this style of presentation provides detailed figures, it may not always be the most effective way to present and communicate information. It may be that some key information should be highlighted, perhaps relationships between certain figures should be emphasised, or trends identified. Appropriate presentation of data in the form of graphs or charts can be a useful analysis tool and if the data is then effectively interpreted this can facilitate the decision-making process.



  • Get the idea and guide how to manage data efficiently and more accurate
  • Understand how to work with large data and manage to give up-to-date data to management
  • Understand how to produce a professional documentation such as Report and Proposal with effective using standard APA.
  • Knowledge to create Table of Content as fast as a second.
  • Know how to prepare a good presentation with maximizing all objects by replacing texts.
Module 1 :


Excel For Data Management with Pivot


Lesson 1 :

Streamlining Workflow

Conditional Formatting

Data Validation


Lesson 2 :

Analysing Data Using Pivot

What is a PivotTable?

Creating a PivotTable

Using the PivotTable Tools Tabs

Adding and Removing Data

Changing the Field List Layout

Pivoting Data

Slicer (2010/2013/2016/2019)

Pivot Charts


Lesson 3 :

Excel Dashboard

What is Dashboard in Excel



Lesson 4 :

Linking and Embedding

Linking Workbooks

Consolidating Workbooks

Insert Hyperlink

Module 2 :


Professional Documentation Using American Psychological Association (APA) Format


Lesson 1:

APA Format – Cover Page

Standard Profesional Documents




Lesson 2: 

Table of Content

Insert Table of Contents

Insert List of Figures


Lesson 3:

Inserting Pictures

Inserting Pictures From Drive

Inserting Pictures From Internet

Inserting Screen Clipping/Snapshot

How to edit Pictures

How to label the Pictures


Lesson 4:

Inserting Graphs

How to create Graphs

Graphs Layout

How to label the Graphs


Lesson 5:


Objectives to create section

How to create page breaks to create section

Page Numbering with different format


Lesson 7:

Bibliography / References

How to insert Bibliography using APA format style

Module 3 :


Creating Creative Presentation Using

Microsoft PowerPoint


Lesson 1:

Adding Diagram to Presentation

How to Create Diagram such as Shapes, Charts and Tables

Modify Diagram


Lesson 2:

Working with Images

How to Insert Pictures, Clip Art and Pictures From Web

Screen Clipping

How to remove background of Pictures

Cropping Images


Lesson 3:

Inserting Multimedia Objects

Working with Background Music

How to Insert Video into slide presentation

How to trim the music and video to make presentation more presentable


Lesson 4:

Smart Art

Choose the best Smart Art to present your idea


Lesson 5:

Working with Animation

Types of Animation (Entry, Emphasize, Exit and Draw your animation)


Lesson 6:

Inserting Special Effects

Effects for Videos

Effects for Audio


Lesson 7:

Slide Transition

Insert animation transition for all slide

Insert animation transition for selected slide


Lesson 8:

Slide Master

How to create Master Slide

Customize Master Slide to fit your presentation

Module 4 :


Interaction :


Lesson 1: Hyperlink between Application

Lesson 2: Mail Merge

–          Letter

–          Report

–          Certificate

–          Envelope

Lesson 3: Presentation with Efficient and Accurate


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