Data Management with Pivot & Function and Formula

What You Will Learn :
1. Do you know that you can list all state in a country by typing 1 state only and drag as usual?
-Tips: List all state in Edit Custom List once.

2. Do you know, you can create Sales Report by interactive Table to show sales details just by pressing any field of criteria, such as field of Branch button only.
-Tips: Apply Format as Table with Slicer
3. Do you know you can insert a new column or row in a worksheet?
Try yourself pressing Ctrl + Right Arrow, and try to insert a new column.
Try yourself pressing Ctrl + Down Arrow, and try to insert a new row.
4. Do you know, by setting your criteria within Conditional Formatting, Excel will highlight automatically row(s) of data that contain due date or 7 th day before due date.
-Tips: DateDif function
5. Do you know, you can combine multiple worksheet into one new sheet as long as it contain one or more same fields/columns.
-Tips: Pivot Table
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