Effective Minutes Writing For Business

Good minutes of meeting hugely contribute to effective meeting.   It captured the essential information of a meeting, act as a record of what were discussed and concurred, a point of reference for follow-up and responsible person in charge to be reminded of the relevant actions to be taken.  However knowing the ways and techniques to take good meeting notes is an important step and major contribution to create good minutes of meeting.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Overview on the importance of minutes to be taken in a meeting
  • Gain insights to the ways and techniques of taking good meeting notes
  • Understand the characteristics of good vs weak minutes of meeting
  • Step-by-step to create good minutes of meeting
  • Practical ways and techniques to reduce time in minutes preparation

Who should attend :

Secretaries, Head of Dept, Project Managers, Managers and anyone who wish to learn the techniques of effective minutes writing.

Module 1  :     WIIFM on Good Minutes of Meeting

  • Are all meetings require minutes taking?
  • The purpose and importance of Minutes and its readiness prior to the next meeting
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Minutes Writing
  • Characteristics of good and weak minutes of meeting
  • Ways and techniques to take good and effective meeting notes
  • Tips and practices with getting minutes ready right after the meeting

Module 2  :     Step-by-step to create Minutes of  Meeting

  • Pre-Planning – what should be included?
  • Getting ready for on-site minutes typing with ready template
  • Creating symbols/short forms for minute taking
  • Format
  • Mind your language
  • 3Cs to produce good minutes
  • Review the meeting notes
  • Check and seek necessary clarification
  • Preparing the 1st draft minutes
  • Edit and final submission for Chairperson’s signature
  • Distribution and Record Management

Training methodology :

  • 20% and 80% hands-on practical assignment
  • Taking real time minutes for practical learning
  • Assignment discussion for practical learning
  • Laptop is required to create minutes of meeting
  • Participants are encouraged to bring real meeting notes and/or ready template to create their minutes of meeting
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