Emotional Intelligence In Workplace Communication

Emotional Intelligence has been construed to mean different things ever since the original work on emotional intelligence started in the late 80’s. The enthusiastic response to Daniel Goleman’s book resulted in an explosion of interest in the concept which over night created a cottage industry of tests, methods and unfortunately wild claims as to what emotional intelligence predicts. Having a series of tests is good for recruitment purposes. How does it pan out in the way we communicate and build relationships at the workplace? This course provides a clear and quick understanding of the topic as well as some practical ways to use empathetic methods in the daily challenges in any organization. The learning points provided can be applied when communicating with co-workers and suppliers. Participants will have access to an online library of sample documents and letters for their reference after the course.

Training Methodology
Incorporating experiential learning methodology, participants will learn from:
-Interactive &  Live Online Lectures
-Group Discussions
– Reflections
– Learning journal (digital)

Learning Outcomes
After the course, participants will be able to:
-Understand emotions to build trust
– Matching communication styles
-Improved Listening (online & offline) & responding
Who should Attend
-Executives and Managers
-Sales and Sales Support personnel
-Young professionals
-Customer Service personnel
-Office support & administrative personnel
-Customer-facing personnel
-Anyone who wants to improve on their communication skills
Course Outline
1. Emotional Intelligence is important for building trust
– Inter- and Intra-personal intelligence
– 4 key emotional skills
2. Different folks different strokes
– Understanding Personality Style Groups
– Self-assessment
– Rapport-building: Communication strategies with different personalities
3. Observing and Responding
– Looking for clues (“Listening online and offline”)
– Ladder of inference
– 4 types of response
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