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This Train The Trainer programme provides you with the necessary tools to initiate and implement workplace training, plus to evaluate the learning effectiveness towards continuous improvement. It helps you to transfer the required knowledge & skills, plus the expected behavioural change to the target audience via a step-by-step learning methodology.

Program Objectives

At the end of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Perform fundamental training needs identification to determine relevant training interventions,
  • Develop a structured and practical training session plan,
  • Deliver an effective and impactful training session,
  • Conduct workplace assessment to evaluate training effectiveness.


Program Outline

1.0       Characteristics Of a Competent Trainer

  • Understand and discuss the characteristics of a competent trainer
  • Determine an individual’s view of himself and how it affects his training (Carl Rogers Model of Self-Concept)
  • Establish trainer’s perception of trainees
  • Understand ethical practices of training
  • Understand the importance of trainer as a reflective individual


  • Fundamentals of Adult Learning and Training
    • Characteristics of learning and training
    • Determine the learning styles of trainees
    • The principles of adult learning
  • The Fundamentals of Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
    • What is Training Needs Analysis?
    • The Approaches of Training Needs Analysis
      • Organisational Analysis
      • Occupational Analysis
      • Individual Analysis
    • The Training Needs Analysis Process
    • The Training Needs Analysis Methods


  • Develop & Design Training Programmes
    • Establish competency and workplace standards
    • Determine rationale of training programme
    • Set clear and concise training outcomes – Identify and interpret competency by collaborating required performance and assessment criteria & condition
    • Prepare and structure a practical training content and sequence – Five logical steps to develop training session plan
      • Promote and present new information strategically
      • Provide activity and/ or exercise practically
      • Check learner’s understanding tactically
      • Conclude learning elements effectively
      • Monitor learning – prompt relevant question & invite answers openly
    • Identify appropriate training resources
    • Planning for Assessment of Learners
      • The principles of assessment
      • The purposes of assessment
      • The roles of an assessor
      • The assessment cycle
    • Develop methods for assessing knowledge and performance
    • Administering assessment
    • Reporting assessment results


  • Conduct Effective Training Programs
    • Develop session plan
    • Promote learning by introducing a training session with full impact – INTRO Principle
    • Training Methodology
    • Getting yourself ready for an effective presentation
    • Facilitate group training
    • Manage and monitor learning
      • Create an ‘open’ learning environment
      • Application of the appropriate questioning techniques to enhance level of understanding.
      • Provide feedback through “Sandwich Approach”.
    • Effective usage of training aids and/ or resources

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