Financial for Non Finance Personnel (Project Management)


To raise the level of Financial awareness of employees and enable them to use the financial information provided to make holistic short-term and long-term decisions in managing the operations and businesses. This include providing knowledge on roles and principles of budgeting, financial planning, contributing to the financial reporting and analysis.

It also helps employees to gain confidence in using the right financial terminologies and accounting principles of financial management, for both personal and business success. In addition, it gives an overview and for us to deepen the financial skillset.

Who should attend :
Managers, Project Managers or Executives who wish to understand basic financial terminology and understand basic financial report to enhance their understanding in business and operation.


Financial Statement Analysis  • Profit & Loss Account • Balance Sheet • Fixed costs and break-even analysis • Understanding changes in owner’s equity and  • financial position • Measurements of business performance: ratio  • analysis –profitability, liquidity, working capital  • efficiency, gearing and return on investment • Strategic financial analysis • Financing a project

Project Budgeting and Methods • Capital budgeting • Accounting rate of return, ARR or ROI • NPV • Internal rate of return (IRR)Risk management • Asset management • Fixed assets and depreciation

Controlling the Project • Controlling schedules and budgets • Organizational requirements for project control • EVM • Value of real-time for control

Cost Concepts and Terminology

• Fixed vs variable costs : The cost volume – Profit

• Analysis Model

• Contribution Margin Analysis • Case study and discussions

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