Managing The Style Of Communication For Success


What does it take to become great at interpersonal skills

Is it important to be one?

Where is your level right now ?

If you are looking for an answer to any of the above questions, then you are in the right place.

This course offers the solutions in experiencing the thrill of becoming an effective communication to achieve great results!


  • Knowing the difference between the styles of communication
  • Determining your style
  • Knowing the skills needed
  • People management through communication as well
  • Interpersonal skills


The method of learning would include:

  1. Content Based  / materials
  2. Audio/ visual aids
  3. Working  models
  4. Case studies / role plays
  5. Feedback / sharing

Course Outline

Module 1:  The Communication Guru’s

  • The communication model
  • The skills we need to be a Guru –Listening / speaking / clarity
  • People in communication –DiSC Profiling

Module 2:  People to People Management

  • Working with the personalities
  • Working with the boss/ supervisors/  peers @ work
  • Understanding the need for relationship building

Module 3: Interpersonal Skills Through EQ

  • Creating Team Dynamics @ work through EQ skills
  • Achieving results in a positive work culture
  • Working with the Team values

Module 4: Having Direction & Sense of Ownership @ Work

  • Learning the cycle of IMPACT & Consequence
  • The circle of trust @work

Module 5:  The Way Forward

  • Planning for team success
  • Working with Goals
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