Managing Your Emotional Intelligence For Excellent Work Performance



Do you know that emotional intelligence is a critical skill in personal excellence in productivity and results?  Take some of these situations :  Temper flare up, suppressed anger, inappropriate exchange of words, tonality and body language.  All these actions stem from unchecked and unmanaged emotions resulting in many unproductive results such as challenging attitude affecting personal competency and low productivity, unnecessary conflicts, disintegrating team spirit, strained working relationship, low morale in the workplace and dissatisfied internal and external customers.


As the ultimate goal in life is to achieve happiness, one could need self-mastery and management in emotional excellence to ride the storm, to manage people and optimize personal effectiveness.



Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Gain broad view on the framework of emotional intelligence and its many benefits
  • Learn the names and intensity levels of emotions as a useful guide in emotional awareness that directly affecting the thoughts and actions
  • Gain insights into the new yardsticks in the work rules and develop strategies to improve or enhance personal competency for higher productivity and results
  • Harness different techniques to manage personal emotions and others








Module 1 :  The changing work rule – new yardstick

  • Is it enough to have intellectual ability and vast technical know-how for a sustainable career?
  • The new yardstick : A different way of being smart… it is all about
  • Handling self
  • Getting along with people
  • Responding to customers
  • Initiatives


Module 2  :  Introducing Emotional Intelligence foundation

  • The cost of emotional illiteracy and benefits of emotional intelligence
  • Overview of the Emotional Competence Framework
  • Personal Competence : The inner communication
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Motivation
  • Social Competence : The external communication
  • Empathy
  • Social and relationship skills
  • Understanding your state of emotions with knowing the labels of emotions


Module 3 :  Raising personal effectiveness with emotional awareness

  • Step-by-step building up emotional competencies
  • Process of enhancing emotional literacy – Cycle of Emotion
  • Discovering your Emotional Hijackers, finding your Hot Button
  • Understanding emotional brain, the mind, the emotions, the action
  • The adverse effect of toxic thought leading to toxic life
  • Building up self-esteem and confidence with self-directed motivation
  • Inner rudder regulations and management strategies
  • Detoxifying Self-Talk
  • Emotional discipline : controlling impulsiveness in stressful situation


Module 4 : Raising social relationship with Emotional Intelligence and Social Effectiveness

  • Mastering emotional communication intelligence with
  • Knowing personal behavioral styles and high tendency of emotional behavior
  • Power of Words
  • There is no failure, only feedback
  • The pulley : non-verbal communication
  • Developing people skill with social competence
  • EMPATHY competencies
  • Connection and Bonding to create trust
  • Creating team synergy for collective goals

Social management strategies

  • Relationship management strategies for current trend
  • When you care, show it
  • Little things that can make an impact
  • Make direct and constructive feedback
  • Give And Take feedback well





  • 40% theory learning, 60% activities-based workshop
  • Profiling and various assessments
  • Fun-filled hands-on activities, video watching, case studies and role play to ease understanding
  • Group discussion and presentation
  • Learn Relaxation therapy to manage emotions
  • Personal enhancement plan




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