Workplace Wellness Program + Workplace Wellness Program & Managing Stress At Workplace

What is Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle leaves you fit, energetic and at reduced risk for disease, based on the choices you make about your daily habits. Good nutrition, daily exercise and adequate sleep are the foundations for continuing good health.

Employees who practice healthy lifestyle will performance better and are more alert at workplace. Therefore, it will certainly reduce unforeseen workplace accident due to overstress.  Employees who learn and practise healthy lifestyle will significantly look healthier and happier in person and therefore more productive and will perform better at work.

Objective  :

Day 1                     –               Managing Stress At Workplace.

Objective :

  • To identify the basic nature of stress.
  • Understand the different type of stress
  • Learn basic techniques to cope with stress

Day 2                     –               Better Health, Better Life

Objective :

  • Identify carbohydrate food sources and sugar intake, diet to improve heart health and portion control using the rules of hand to improve eating habits and lifestyle changes to prevent and reduce the complications of cardiovascular diseases and related NCDs.


All employees are encourage to attend.


Managing Stress At Workplace

Are your people stressed?

You may think everything’s going well with your team and their workload could be heavier, but take some time to look closely and you might see some signs of work stress. As a leader or manager it’s important to regularly review stress levels in your team.

If your staff are feeling continually stressed in workplace it is important you take action. There are many workplace stress management strategies that leaders and managers can take to help reduce stress levels within the team. Below is the indication of stress at workplace.

  • Are your people constantly missing lunch to get work done?
  • Do your staff often take work home after office hour?
  • Do they seem overly emotional, edgy or irritable?
  • Notice anyone attention levels fading during meetings?
  • Are your staff frequently on sick leave
  • Are productivity low at workplace

This program will help your employees to identify the source of stress and how to overcome them in order to enhance job performance as well as to lead a healthy lifestyle.


The participant will learn:-

  • To identify the basic nature of stress.
  • Understand the different type of stress
  • Learn basic techniques to cope with stress
  • Know when to get help


All employees are encourage to attend.


Information sharing, case study and lots of activities

Module 1

The Nature of Stress

  • Factors that have drawn attention to stress in modern times:
  • Definitions of stress
  • Five Popular Views of Stress
  • The Stress Response (fight or flight response)

Module 2

Three types of stress

  • A holistic approach to stress management
  • 3 Basic stages of stress
  • Stress Symptoms

Module 3


  • Presenting Circumstances
  • Physical Reactions
  • Emotional Reactions
  • Behavioral Reactions
  • Possible Responses to Stress

Module 4

Change the Situation Strategy:

  • Time Management
  • Change Your Thoughts Strategy
  • Change Your Response

Module 5

Keys to Managing Stress

  • Barrier to managing stress
  • Making Stress management a priority

Module 6

Ways to beat stress

  • Laughter the perfect medicine
  • Identify hobbies that relax your mind
  • Basic exercise that help to release stress
  • Music that relax your body and mind
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